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Golfing in Tunisia

Tunisia is an ideal holiday destination for golf lovers. It claims that once a new golf course will open in Tunisia, this directly to the nature parks is classified because of the beautiful surroundings! The jobs are often an oasis of calm, where many animals like ever. As deer, hares, birds and more birds ...


Golf courses

All golf courses fit perfectly into the landscape, depending on the region-consisting of cork oaks, eucalyptus trees, a hundred year old olive trees and date palms. They were designed by architects of world renown such as the American Ronald Fream and Englishman Martin Hawtree. And are always in the vicinity of hotels. All these jobs are never far from an airport and often ask for a subtle technique, to the delight of even the most demanding amateurs. Supplies are available on site and transportation from your hotel to the golf course we can for you. The renowned thalassotherapiecentra are never far away, often even in your hotel so you can explore quiet the greens, while your traveling companion may have to the benefit of an aromatic massage or alguebath ...